Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Houston

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German Passports and ID cards

Kindly refer to our website at to get all the necessary information to apply for a German passport, e.g. all documents that have to be provided (e.g. birth certificate, passport pictures, fee). Please check the information provided thoroughly before you make an appointment for the passport application. Make sure to have to a proof of your name according to German law.


In case you have any question, please contact the passport section by email: .



Here you can book your appointment to submit a visa application to enter Germany. Please make sure before booking your appointment that you can submit all required documents. Information on visa procedures and all necessary documents can be found on our website: .


Please note that a visa is not a guarantee that you will be allowed to enter Germany as this is at the discretion of the German border police.


As US citizen you are allowed to enter Germany visa free and apply for your residence permit at your place of residence within 90 days after arrival. A visa process before entering Germany is not mandatory.


Information on our mail-in service (Schengen visas only!) can also be found on our website.


Certifications of signatures (e.g. for declarations of approval, name declarations, etc)

If you need your signature certified on a document or application form, please schedule an appointment here. Please find further information, especially about name declarations, on our website at .

Please indicate the document that requires a certificate of signature to make sure the competent member of staff is available.


As notarizations require a certain preparation (e.g. acknowledgement of paternity, certificate of inheritance), please contact the consulat by email: .


If you need a certification of copies or a life certificate, book your appointment in that separate category.


Important: If in addition to the certification of the signature you are planning to apply for a passport or visa at the same time, please schedule two appointments, one for the signature verification and one in the category "German passports" or "Visa".


In connection with the COVID-19 virus the consulate has to restrict the number of clients in the waiting area. Therefore, please check if your case requires a personal appearance at the consulate or if it can be certified by a US notary public. Applications for birt registration, name change etc. can be mailed to the consulate.


Certification of copies/ Life certificates (pension)

In this category, appointments are available for:


- certification of copies

- life certificates (German pension)