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Visas (Long- and short-term)

Welcome to the online appointment system of the German Embassy Islamabad 


In order to apply for a visa for Germany or the Schengen states you need an appointment.

The online appointment system offers you a convenient way to book a suitable appointment for you and ensures that the process of applying for a visa will be as easy as possible. It also helps the Embassy to direct the flow of customers so that long waiting times can be reduced.

Before booking an appointment online, please carefully read the information concerning visa applications on the Embassy's website Information on the required documents as well as the application forms can also be found on this website.

Please note that incomplete applications cannot be accepted: Your application will be rejected free of charge. A new appointment will be necessary.

It is not permitted to reserve multiple appointment dates for one person. You can only book a new appointment after cancelling your old one or after waiting for two weeks. Please only book an appointment when you are sure you can really observe it. If you cannot appear at the Embassy for your appointment, please cancel it on our website beforehand. This will help the Embassy to always offer every applicant the earliest appointment possible.

Especially during summer, there might be a considerable waiting period of two to four weeks for an appointment. Therefore, please make your booking well in advance. Visa applications should be handed well ahead of your desired travel time. It is possible to apply for your Schengen visa up to three month in advance of your journey.

The processing time for short-term visa applications will usually take about fourteen (14) days after handing in the application. Airport Transit visa applications take about 2 - 3 working days, student visa applications several months and family reunion visas up to 6 months.

Booking an appointment can be done fast and conveniently by yourself. This service is offered free of any charge. If desired, an appointment can also be booked by a trusted third party (e.g. the person inviting you or your business partner in Germany etc.).


Please select the required visa category on the next page. You cannot use your appointment for a different visa category. If you book an appointment for another visa category than actually requested, your appointment will be forfeit.

You can see vacant appointment dates in the calender view, where you can select and book the desired appointment (either the earliest one or at a later time/date of your own choice). You have to choose a date and a timeframe (e.g. from 09:00 to 10:00 am). It is not possible to get earlier appointments than shown online. Appointments can be booked up to six (6) weeks in advance. Appointment requests by telephone and email will not be answered.  Please appear at the Embassy  on time at the beginning of your timeframe (e.g. latest at 9:00 am for a timeframe from 9:00 to 10:00 am). Otherwise entry cannot be granted in order to avoid longer waiting times for the other customers.

All the required information for the booking process must be entered according to your passport and in latin letters. You have to enter a valid email address. You will receive a reservation confirmation by email.

On the day of your appointment, the application can generally only be submitted in person. For exemptions please check our website.

Please click „continue“ and start the booking process.