Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Jakarta

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Consular affairs/Urusan konsuler

Passports,  notarizations, marriage and pension matters, certificates

Paspor,  notaris, perkawinan dan urusan pensiun, sertifikat


Consular Services of the German Honorary Consuls in Indonesia

 -          If you reside near by the German Honorary Consul in Sanur / Bali, you can contact his Office for consular services (including biometric passports).

 -          If you reside near by the German Honorary Consul in Medan, you can contact his Office for consular services (excluding biometric passports).

 -          If you reside near by the German Honorary Consul in Surabaya, you can contact his Office for consular services (excluding biometric passports).


Appointment Waitlist Registration for National Visa (e.g. Study, Apprenticeship, Au-Pair, Volunteering, Language Course, Employment, ...) / N O Appointment Booking for Family Reunion, River Cruise Seaman and Highly Skilled Worker according to §81a AufenthG

Please take note that visa appointments for family reunion as well as highly skilled workers according to Section 81a of the German Residence Act (AufenthG) have to follow the guidelines in separate categories and cannot be registered under this category. Seafarers/seamen are requested to check the separate category in our appointment waitlist system.


All applicants, including children and infants, have to register for individual appointments. Incomplete or false information will lead to the cancellation of your registration. If you do not ordinarily reside in Indonesia, you will have to apply for a visa in your home country.


Do you have any questions about registering on our appointment waiting list? You can find our answers here!


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National Visa Family reuinion


National visas (D-Visa stay over 90 days)


Appointments for national visas (D-Visa)

Dear Visitor,

Here you could book an appointment to apply for a German residence visa (for long-term stays over 90 days, NOT Schengen visa).


At the moment it is only possible to book appointments for the following categories:

Applications for family reunification and marriage

Before booking the appointment, we ask you to carefully read through the information sheets on our website ( concerning the documents to be submitted for your desired visa. Incomplete visa applications can be refused or rejected.

Please arrive on time for your booked appointment, as late arrivals would generally be denied entry.

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Visa Nasional (masa tinggal jangka panjang lebih dari 90 hari)

Pembuatan janji untuk visa nasional (D-Visa)

Kepada pengunjung yang terhormat,

Anda dapat membuat janji untuk permohonan visa masa tinggal jangka panjang di Jerman (lebih dari 90 hari, BUKAN visa Schengen) di sini.

Pada saat ini Anda hanya dapat membuat janji untuk kategori sebagai berikut:

Permohonan untuk kumpul keluarga dan pernikahan

Sebelum membuat janji temu, mohon membaca dengan teliti lembaran informasi yang tersedia di situs kami ( mengenai dokumen yang diperlukan untuk pembuatan visa yang diinginkan. Permohonan visa Anda dapat dikembalikan atau ditolak jika dokumen Anda tidak lengkap.

Mohon hadir tepat waktu sesuai dengan janji temu yang telah dibuat. Keterlambatan dapat mengakibatkan penolakan di pintu masuk.

Untuk membuat janji, klik “Weiter/Continue”.





Visa - Accelerated Procedure for Qualified Professionals with Pre-Approval of Alien Authority


Dear applicant,

In order to receive an appointment under the “fast-track procedure for skilled workers”, please take note of the following information:

A prerequisite is that you have received a pre-approval from the local aliens authority according to § 81a AufenthG in conjunction with the Skilled Immigration Act.


1. Kindly contact the Embassy via e-mail: using the following subject:“Terminanfrage für Fachkräfte gem. § 81a AufenthG”

2. You’ll have to attach a copy of the pre-approval in accordance with § 81a AufenthG (issued by the local aliens authority) as a .pdf file.

3. Please provide your personal details (Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Passport number, Telephone number). Please mention all of  the details and do not simply attach a copy of your passport’s data page.

    If your spouse and minor children are listed in the pre-approval letter, you may submit their details as well in order to receive a joint appointment.


The Embassy strives to provide you with an appointment within 3 weeks after the attachments have been checked. Please keep this timeline in mind and ensure that all your documents are in order. 


If your e-mail does not meet the above mentioned requirements (e.g. you have only received a pre-approval from the Labors Office, or you failed to submit relevant information), we are not in a position to provide you with an appointment. However, you may obtain an appointment through the relevant categories on our website. 


Further information:

The official online portal for qualified workers, students and scientists who want to live and work in Germany:

Information on the recognition of professional qualifications:

Information on the recognition of university degrees:



Visa Section

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany - Jakarta


Appointment Waitlist for Seafarer National Visa (River Cruise only)


Please note that in this category you can only register for the appointment waiting list for River Cruise "seafarer national visa" (stays exceeding 90 days). If you wish to register for another type of national visa, you can only do this in the other available categories.

If you provide incomplete or false information, your registration has to be annuled. If you do not have your main residence in Indonesia, you are requested to apply for a visa in your country of residence.

Do you have any questions about registering in our appointment waiting list? You can find our answers here!

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