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Consular affairs/Urusan konsuler

Passports, legalizations, notarizations, marriage and pension matters, certificates

Paspor, legalisasi, notaris, perkawinan dan urusan pensiun, sertifikat


National Visas / Visa nasional

Please note that a separate appointment is required for each individual, also for children.

Appointments with incorrect data and appointments by applicants not ordinarily resident in Indonesia will be deleted without notice.


You can only book an appointment if you belong to the current exception groups, please check our Website.

Do you have any questions about making an appointment? You can find our answers here!

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Visa - Accelerated Procedure for Qualified Professionals with Pre-Approval of Alien Authority


Visa - Accelerated Procedure for Qualified Professionals with Pre-Approval of Alien Authority


Only if you have received a pre-approval ("Vorabzustimmung") of the alien authority can you book an appointment in this category to apply for a visa under the accelerated procedure for qualified professionals.

Which requirements have to be met?

Before you apply for your visa, you need the official recognition of your professional qualifications. This is only done by official German authorities. You can find information on the relevant procedures at

Further requirements are:

a specific job offer    

pre-approval of the alien authority    

general requirements such as a valid passport, financial means etc.


You should only submit your visa application once you have met all the requirements and can present complete documentation. If your foreign qualification has not yet been recognised, your visa application cannot be processed.

Further information:

The official online portal for qualified workers, students and scientists who want to live and work in Germany.

Information on the recognition of professional qualifications:

Information on the recognition of university degrees: