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Appointment for Visa / 签证预约

National visas, which include stays of more than 90 days, can only be applied for directly at the visa section of the Consulate. To do so, you must make an appointment in advance via this booking system in the relevant category.
The appointment must be attended in person. The Consulate General will only accept applications of persons that have their habitual residence within its consular jurisdiction (see FAQ).



Consular Services Portal

Certain visa applications for employment (e.g. for the EU Blue Card, for skilled workers and for the Opportunity Card) can now be submitted online in the new Consular Services Portal.
Required supporting documents can be added as pdf-documents.
Applicants then only need to visit the visa section to submit biometric data (fingerprints and photo) and to pay the fee.


在线申请通道 Auslandsportal



Please book separate appointments for each visa applicant. 系统自动为每个签证申请人生成一个预约记录。

 To book an appointment, please click ↓ "Continue" below/ 如需预约面谈时间,请点击 ↓ “Continue


The German Consulate General in Guangzhou has outsourced the acceptance of applications to obtain a Schengen visa to the service provider VFS.GLOBAL.

Because of the obligation to provide fingerprints, you can in general only submit your application in person at the VFS centres; if you have already provided fingerprints for a Schengen visa during the past 59 months, whether as part of a visa application for travelling to Germany or also to another Schengen country, you can also submit the visa application through an authorised representative or by post.

The website can be found here: VFS.GLOBAL





German passports and identification cards / 德国护照

此栏目 - 仅 - 供德国籍公民预约申请新护照使用,- 不 - 适用于预约申请签证时间。 通过此栏目为与申请德国护照无关的事宜预约的时间将不被认可及被取消。

请注意,如您要为在中国出生的孩子申请出生登记并同时办理第一本护照,在预约之前须将办理申请出生登记所需的全部材料预先提交给领事馆审核。提交前请先致电或通过以下邮箱地址 与领馆联系。

Our website contains comprehensive information on how to apply for a German passport as well as a German identification card(in German only). Please carefully read these instructions and make sure you have all necessery documents before you make an appointment.

For better planning, please book a separate appointment for each administrative act.
For example, if you wish to apply for a passport and an identity card, kindly book two appointments.

Please note that an appointment for the registration of birth and issuing of a first passport to German children born in China an appointment will only be made after sending all required documentation to the Consulate General beforehand. If you plan to apply a German passport for your newborn child, please contact the Consulate General by phone or Email to


To book an appointment, please click "continue"


Notarization of signature / 签字公证

Here you can make an appointment for the certification of signatures (except application for certificate of good conduct).


It is not possible to book an appointment for other notarial services such as acknowledgement of paternity or declaration in lieu of an oath here. If you need such services please send an e-mail to


The Consulate General Guangzhou can only certify signatures on documents that are necesary within the German jurisdiction. Clients must have their habitual residence either in Guangzhou, Guangxi, Fujian or Hainan. Should you reside in another province, please refer to the competent German mission.

德国驻广州总领事馆只对在德国法律范围内使用的证书/文件进行签名公证。此外,本馆只为常住地为广东、广西、福建和海南的申请人进行签名公证! 如果您住在本馆辖区以外的地方,请联系负责您所在省市的德国驻华使领馆。

Please click 'Weiter' if you want to book an appointment for notarization of your signature.


Each individual applicant needs to make an individual appointment.