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New; Status 04.01.2022 - Important Note - Germany- General entry restrictions during the Corona-pandemic

Coronavirus entry regulation;

Since 04.01.2022 another new version of the Coronavirus Entry Regulation ("CoronaEinreiseV") is in force.

 Regulations for persons entering Germany in connection with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

  Dear travellers,

 Please note the following important information: Violations of the following rules may be punished as an administrative offence with a fine of up to 25,000 euros.


  • Please observe the obligation to furnish proof that applies to all travellers: Persons from the age of 6 upwards must possess, on entry (before crossing the border), proof of vaccination, recovery or testing (that is max. 48 hours old upon entry; in case of entry using a carrier and where a PCR test result is available, the time at which departure begins is decisive). Any person who spent time in an area classified as an area of variants of concern, within the 10 days prior to entering the Federal Republic of Germany, must be in possession of a PCR test certificate. The certificate must be submitted for inspection by the carrier, or upon entry when requested by the Federal Police or the competent authority.
  • If you have spent time in high-risk areas or areas of variants of concern, please note the obligation to register and to quarantine: If, within the last ten days prior to your date of entry, you have spent time in an area classified as a high-risk area or area of variants of concern at the time of your entry, you must register at the Federal Republic of Germany’s travel portal at before entering the country and carry the confirmation with you for inspection by the carrier or on entry by the Federal Police.

 Moreover, you are required to proceed directly to your own home, or other suitable accommodation, immediately upon arrival and remain exclusively at this location after your entry into the country (quarantine). (Potential exemptions are regulated under the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations (Coronavirus-Einreiseverordnung).) You may not receive any visitors. A list of high-risk areas and areas of variants of concern can be found at:

 The basic quarantine period following a stay in a high-risk area is, as a rule, 10 days. If you submit proof of vaccination or recovery to, your quarantine will end prematurely at the time of submission. The same applies to the submission of a test result; however the test may not have been conducted sooner than five days after entry, meaning that, in this case, the quarantine lasts for at least 5 days. In the case of children under the age of 6, the quarantine automatically ends at the end of the fifth day after entry.

  • Following a stay in an area of variants of concern, the quarantine lasts, as a rule, a period of 14 days. In this case, there is no possibility of lifting the quarantine early (neither for vaccinated nor for recovered persons).
  • Find more on exceptions and get further information at:
  • Please contact your competent health office ( ) or your doctor without delay should symptoms typical of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (difficulties breathing, newly developed cough, fever or loss of smell or taste) emerge within 10 days of entry into the country.


Important notes: 

Inform yourself about the restrictions on public life in Germany in connection with COVID-19!

In Germany, restrictions on public life are currently in place in many places, partly depending on the local epidemiological situation, which may change at any time. The Federal Government and the Federal States have restricted access to, among other things, accommodation (especially hotels), gastronomic establishments (restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.) and leisure, cultural and sporting events to persons with proof of vaccination or convalescence ("2G regulation") or additional proof of testing ("2G plus") and may impose further restrictions. In principle, Germany only recognizes vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and licensed productions of these. In addition, only digital COVID certificates from the EU and equivalent certificates are accepted in some cases. This means that access with foreign certificates (physical or digital) to certain locations and events is not possible in many cases. Therefore, before traveling to Germany, please find out for yourself whether your trip and activities planned during the trip are feasible at all. Information on this is available on the websites of the federal state to which you are traveling. The German missions abroad cannot assume any responsibility or provide any advice in this regard.

Before departure, please be prepared for your carrier (airline) to request a current PCR test from you prior to travel if you have been in a virus variant area (such as [host state]) at any time in the ten days prior to entry. After your arrival, further PCR testing may be ordered by the health department at the airport or place of sequestration. Please note the 14-day quarantine requirement, which also applies to vaccinated and recovered individuals. It is not possible to shorten the quarantine period. 

Questions and answers about entry (exceptions) and Covid-19 entry restrictions can be found on our website or on the Website  of the BMI / RKI




National Visa / permanent residence

 Thank you for your interest in working in Germany !


A National Visa is the right visa if you want to enter Germany for  work, study or live with your spouse or another family member.

Citizens of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea and EU citizens can enter Germany without a visa and apply for their residence permit in Germany.

To apply for a visa, your passport must have at least two blank pages and it must have been issued within the last ten years. A passport that is older than ten years and has been renewed for a period of more than ten years from the date of issue cannot be accepted.

Visa applicants must provide their biometric data, including fingerprints and a digital photo. All documents relating to your visa application must be submitted in the original and 1 copy.

To apply for a residence permit, the German Consulate General works closely with the immigration authorities of the intended place of residence in Germany. For the granting of a residence permit, it is essential that we obtain the approval of the competent immigration office. The processing time can therefore vary from case to case depending on the Aliens Department. The standard processing time is 4-8 weeks.

Exception: Applications for taking up gainful employment. Here there are shortened processing times.

A residence visa is usually issued for a period of 90 days or 180 days. All visas entitle the holder to enter the Schengen countries.

The visa processing fee is 75 euros and is only payable in cash at the time of application (in ZAR, based on the daily exchange rate of the Consulate General).  Minors pay a reduced fee.

If your visa application is rejected or you withdraw your application, you will not receive a refund of the fee already paid.

  Please note that only one application can be processed per appointment. Families generally need one appointment per person.  Appointments are not transferable.  If an appointment is delayed by more than 15 minutes, a new appointment is required.

The Consulate General Cape Town is responsible for visa applicants resident in the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape. If you live outside these districts, please apply for your visa at the German mission responsible for you in Pretoria. If you would like to book an appointment due to a (family/medical) emergency in Cape Town, please contact us beforehand by email. Emergencies must always be proven.

Please make sure that you choose the right category, as we cannot consider appointments booked in the wrong category. If you book an appointment in the wrong category, it will be deleted without further notice.

Please note that appointments of applicants who are not from our administrative district must unfortunately be cancelled.

 More Information at:


 Safety Instructions:

Consular clients may bring a bag to the waiting area.  The size of the permitted bag is: 35 cm/14 inch (length) x 30 cm/12 inch (height) x 20 cm / 8 inch (width).  Bags larger than this size are not permitted.

For security reasons, it is not permitted to bring mobile phones, laptops, tablets or similar electronic devices into the Consulate General. Visitors carrying unauthorized items will be denied access.

 The German Consulate has lockers for mobile phones.   Please take precautions to store all other items elsewhere before entering.


 Thank you for your understanding.



German Passport/ID-Card

Welcome to the online booking system of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cape Town

Appointments to apply for a German passport.




Significantly increased numbers of new Covid-cases in South Africa unfortunately require the limitation of customer service.

Due to this, available appointments to apply for a passport have been limited.



Consular matters

 On the next page you can book appointments for the following consular matters:


I.                    Family Matters

  • Name declarations
  • Registration of a birth
  • Registration of a marriage abroad

Before booking an appointment, please read the information provided on our website and ensure to provide the relevant form duly completed as well as the required documents listed on the website as originals including two full sets of copies.


For other family matters, e.g. recognition of adoption, kindly read the information on our website and contact us with further questions via e-mail to:

Please note: This is not a passport appointment!


II.                  German Citizenship

  • Determination of Citizenship
  • Naturalization process
  • Retention approvol (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung)
  • Retention, discharge and waiving of German citizenship

Please familiarize yourself in advance with the procedure and documents to be submitted on our website: Please bring the required documents in the original including two sets of copies as well as the completed application form to your appointment.


Questions (appointments) on citizenship law:

If you have any questions regarding citizenship law or wish to book an appointment, please contact:

Questions (appointments) on inheritance law (certificates of inheritance):

If you have any questions regarding inheritance law, please contact