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Visa application


Welcome to the visa application booking system for the German Embassy in Kuwait.


If you choose to apply for a LONG TERM VISA, it means that you intend to move to Germany in order to work or study there, or to live there with your spouse or family member.


Applications must be submitted in person at the German Embassy, only after prior booking of an appointment.


Please book a separate appointment for every application (this applies also for families)!


Please familiarize yourself with the additional information provided on our website  before making an appointment and bring all necessary documents with you when you hand in your visa application.

Two complete applications with all required supporting documentation (original and TWO copies) and TWO biometric passport photos have to be submitted at the time of your appointment.


Please note that the appointments offered on this system are the earliest available. Should we become aware of multiple bookings for the same person, we reserve the right to cancel the bookings without further notice.


The Embassy outsourced its application processing for SCHENGEN VISA to the external service provider "Al Qabas Assurex".  All applicants should apply through our external provider Al Qabas Assurex who offers appointment without long waitings times, extented open hours and additional services such as VIP lounge.

Bookings can be made on , by email:  or telephone +965 22924444.


The Visa Team


General Consular Services (Certification, Authentication, Legalization and more)


Welcome to the online booking system of the German Embassy in Kuwait!


--not to be used for visa appointments!--

Please take note of our complete consular services at our website.

For the following consular services please book an appointment here:


Certification of photocopies

Legalization of Kuwaity documents

Notarization (e.g. acknowledgement of paternity)

Birth or marriage registrations

Translation of German driver license

name declarations


Authentication of signature, e.g.:

  •     power of attorney
  •     authorizations
  •     declaration of renouncement of succession
  •     application for a Police Clearance Certificate/ certificate of good conduct
  •     application for a Certificate of Non-Impediment to marriage
  •     other declarations that require the authentication of a signature


Consular Certificates, e.g.:

  •     Residential Certificates
  •     Certificates confirming living status
  •     other Consular Certificates


If you do not find your concern in the list above, please contact the Embassy via e-mail ( for assistance.


German Passports

German Passports -not to be used for visa appointments!


Welcome to the online booking system of the German Embassy in Kuwait!

Appointments to apply for a German passport for German citizens (also change of residence).

An individual appointment is required for every family member.

For detailed information on how to apply for a German passport please visit our website on Please familiarize yourself with the procedures before making an appointment for your application.


Should you want to apply for a passport for your first child and you do not have one common family name, or would like to combine this appointment with the registration of the birth of the child please find here further information.

For further questions please get in touch with the consular section via before booking an appointment.


Please do not book several appointments - otherwise all you appointments will be deleted. Dependent on the demand, appointments might be booked out for a period of time.

Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us via


Your Consular Team