Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — New Delhi

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Legal and Consular Services

The German Embassy in New Delhi welcomes you to its online appointment booking system!

In order to request consular services, you need a prior appointment. Appointments for the most sought after services such as passport and identity card, birth and marriage certificates, attestation of copies and signatures as well as consular certificates, can be booked online via the appointment booking system.

For all other consular services (except for visa appointments that have to be scheduled via our service provider VFS), you are kindly requested to contact the Embassy via its contact form. This way, the Embassy is in a position to ensure a continuous and well-structured handling of our customers’ applications and you are able to plan ahead, book a convenient time slot and avoid long waiting in line.

Use of the appointment booking system is free of cost, as well as application forms and checklists are not chargeable. Only the corresponding fees for the respective consular service have to be paid.

Prior to booking your appointment, we kindly ask you to pay close attention to the information and checklists as provided in the “Service” section of our website

Please be advised that incomplete applications cannot be processed and your application will be rejected without charging any fee. A new appointment will have to be booked. The same applies if you have booked your appointment under a wrong category.

Kindly book your appointment only if you are sure that you will be able to attend. In case you later find that you will not be able to come on the day and at the time of your appointment, please cancel and help others to get early appointments. During times of seasonally high demand, it may be possible that appointments are fully booked at an early stage or that longer waiting times apply until the next appointment is available. Please plan accordingly.

Please proceed to book your appointment in an easy, swift way and free of cost. If you so wish, a person of your trust can also book in your name (e.g. family member, attorney, etc.). However, please be reminded that you will have to appear in person for your appointment at German Embassy in New Delhi.




The German Embassy in New Delhi welcomes you to its online appointment booking system!

Via the appointment system you can get an appointment for a family reunion visa application.

Kindly register yourself on the waiting list. According to your wish, a person of trust (e.g. your spouse, an authorized law firm) can also do the registration on your behalf. However, please note that you will have to come in person to your appointment at the Embassy or at the external service provider VFS. Registration is required for each family member who wants to apply. An appointment will be allocated according to availability. If a family receives appointments on different dates, you may ask for clubbing of appointments via the following e-mail address:

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please cancel it. This will help us offer all customers appointments as soon as possible. If you cancel your appointment, you will have to re-register yourself in order to get a new appointment.

The appointment booking system is free of charge. Only the fees for the official act and for the service at the external service provider VFS have to be paid.

The booking options are the same for all customers. Intermediaries or agencies do not have special or preferential access to our appointment system.

Please keep in mind that you make yourself dependent on the agency if you book an appointment through them. This means that you have no access to the appointment reservation because the automated appointment system sends messages only to the agency's e-mail address. Therefore, you cannot determine whether the appointment was actually booked and confirmed or cancelled. You are dependent on the cooperation of the agency and may be exposed to their financial demands.

Before registering on the waiting list please make sure you have carefully read the information available on visa applications. You can find information on the visa process and the relevant checklists containing the required documents on the Embassy's website!

To ensure a smooth application process, please bring all the necessary documents to your appointment.