Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — New York

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General Information

Please be advised:

  • Currently, increased waiting times for appointments are to be expected. Also, appointments can usually only be booked for a few weeks in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Before entering the building, a security check will be performed.
  • If you arrive late for you appointment, access has to be denied.
  • The use of mobile devices may result in reduced funcionality or wrong bookings. We therefore recommend using desktop computers or laptops when making online appointments.

German passports and ID cards

Please make an appointment in this category when applying for German passports and ID cards (Personalausweis). Currently, waiting times of several weeks for an appointment are to be expected, although new appointments are opened regularly.

You will find detailed information on applying for a passport and a list of documents that are required to support your application on our homepage Please familiarize yourself with the necessary documents and bring the originals or certified copies of these documents with you to your appointment.

Please be advised that applications can only be accepted from applicants who reside in the Consulate General's area of jurisdiction. The Consulate General’s area of jurisdiction covers Connecticut (Fairfield County), New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Bermuda.


Name declarations / Registration of birth and marriage / Recognition of a Divorce Decree

Detailed information on family matters (birth registrations, name declarations, divorce recognitions, etc.) can be found on the joint website of the German missions in the USA.

Please inform yourself in advance which applications you would like to submit and bring - one - completed form as well as all documents requested on the website only as originals.

The appointment at the Consulate General serves the necessary certification of signatures as well as the preparation of copies and their certification. The application will be processed exclusively by the registry office (Landesjustizamt in the case of divorce recognitions) in Germany that is responsible for you. As explained on our website, provided that the competent registry office has given you its prior consent, you can also submit the applications and declarations yourself directly to the registry office after certification by a Notary Public.

Appointments on which only birth announcements, name declarations, divorce recognitions are to be processed are only available on Fridays. If you also wish to submit a passport application for the person concerned at the same time, please book an appointment in the category first time passport applications.



Please book an appointment to submit your application for a visa in this category. Information on the application process and the required documents can be found on our homepage:

Please be advised that applications can only be accepted from applicants who reside in the Consulate General's area of jurisdiction. The Consulate General’s area of jurisdiction covers Connecticut (Fairfield County), New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Bermuda.

Schengen visa applications are now accepted by the service provider BLS from 4th of October. Appointments can be made on their website:

Also, visa applications can only be accepted if Germany is the main travel destination of your upcoming trip. Should you plan on spending more time during your trip in a different state of the Schengen-Area you have to submit your visa application at the competent Consulate/Embassy of the respective country.


Citizenship Matters

The German Consulate General in New York City can assist you with all questions concerning German citizenship. We recommend using the extensive information on our homepage and the possibility to contact us via email:

Please note that German citizenship is usually automatically acquired through descent (especially when a child is born to German parents) unless the German parent was born outside of Germany after Dec 31, 1999. Therefore, there is usually no separate application needed to confirm German citizenship when a child is born to German parents in the US. The acquisition of German citizenship can usually be confirmed when applying for a passport for the child. Hence, please make an appointment in the category "German Passports / Identity Cards" in these cases.

Please make an appointment in this category if you wish to submit an application for naturalization, acquire German citizenship by declaration, renounce your German citizenship or apply for a certificate of citizenship or a permission to retain German citizenship when getting naturalized in the USA. 

Please be advised that copies for applications in citizenship matters will be notarized during your appointment. It is therefore not necessary to book a seperate appointment for certificatios or obtain certified copies by an US notary public in advance.


Certifications of signatures or photocopies

Certification of Signatures (e.g. for Powers of Attorney, Commercial Register Applications), Certification of Photocopies

Not for Birth and Marriage registrations, Name declarations or life certificates.

You may book an appointment here if you need

  • one or more certified true copies of documents or
  • a certification of your signature for use in Germany. 

You can find elaborate information about signature certifications (including an explanation how it differs from a full notarization) on the joint website of the German Missions in the US at,CertificationsandApostille.

Please be advised that the German Consulate General is not allowed to certify signatures or perform identity verifications to open a bank account, for loan applications or similar cases.