Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Peking

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German Embassy Beijing appointment-scheduling for national visa and Schengen visa 

Coronavirus/COVID-19  - For Germany, travel restrictions apply for travelers from China. Entry from China is only possible in exceptional cases and is conditional on there being an urgent need.


Appointment booking: Please book a seperate appointment for each visa applicant. To successfully book an appointment you have to provide a valid e-mail address and the applicant’s passport details.

National visas for stays over 90 days have to be applied for in person at the Embassy. To make an appointment please click CONTINUE and choose relevant type of visa.

Schengen visa appointments  Submission of short stay Schengen visa applications by appointment and in person at the Visa Section only. The visa applications centers of our service partner VFS.GLOBAL are temporarily closed until further notice.



新冠病毒/COVID-19  - 对于来自中国的旅行者,根据疫情而定的入境限制仍适用。根据202071日的内阁决议,德国对中国将继续维持于2020317日由欧盟国家元首和政府首脑制定的入境限制政策,直至另一方面中国也放宽对欧洲严格的入境限制。总体建议是,非必要不要旅行德国,因为从中国出发入境德国将只在绝对必要的情况下被允许。


德国长期签证(逗留时间90天以上)申请必须由本人亲自递交至使馆。请选 WEITER / CONTINUE和正确的类别进行预约。