Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Podgorica

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Visa Appointment System - German Embassy Podgorica

Please note that booking your appointment via mobile, tablet or other portable devices may cause technical problems!

Welcome to the visa appointment system of the German Embassy in Podgorica

In order to prevent the introduction and the spreading of the covid19 virus certain areas of the appointment system will be blocked until further notice.

To apply for a visa you need an appointment. Only long term residents of Montenegro are eligible to apply at our embassy in Podgorica.

Every applicant (even children and infants) needs their own appointment.

Please select one of the following visa categories:

  • Schengen visa (short stay of less than 90 days)


  • visa for family reunification
  • visa for au pair, study, language courses, jobseeker, etc.
  • EU Blue Card, work permit for highly qualified workers
  • visa for vocational training
  • work visa for citizens of the Western Balkans countries

Applicants who book an appointment in the wrong category are not allowed to file in their application and have to book a new appointment!


It is not permitted to carry mobile phones, computers, tablets, cameras, recording equipment, luggage, weapons or sharp or pointed objects and liquids into the building of the embassy and its visa section.