Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Riga

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Booking an Appointment at the German Embassy Riga

Welcome to the Appointment System of the German Embassy Riga!

If you require consular services or want to apply for a Visa for Germany you will need to schedule an appointment. This you can do quickly and easily in each of the respective categories.

Please note that only matters relevant to the categories for which an appointment has been made can be accepted. These categories are:

1) Visa

a) Visa for a short-term contract for the supply of services in Germany ("Vander Elst Visa")

b) other visa categories (e.g. family reunion, work permit)

2) Consular Services

a) German Passport and ID-Card

b) certification of copies / Life Certificate (Lebensbescheinigung) / “form to cross the border" (Grenzübertrittsbescheinigung)

c) certification of your signature and similar, authentications, verifications or certifications

d) Matters of Nationality

If you are unsure which category is applicable for your case, you may send us an e-mail ( beforehand and we will be pleased to provide clarification.

The scheduling of an appointment is free of charge.

Please only book an appointment if you are sure that you can keep the appointment.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel it using the link provided in the confirmation e-mail. This will help us with our overall scheduling efficiencies.

Prior to coming to your appointment, read carefully all the information provided on our website. Please have all the required documentation on hand for your appointment.

Every application must be presented by the applicant personally. Each applicant (including children) must book an individual appointment.

Please arrive punctually for your appointment.

The address of the German Embassy is:

Raina Bulvaris 13

LV-1050 Riga


Please press "continue" at the end of this page to go on with the booking of your appointment.