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Passport Service /德国护照
German Passports and ID Cards/德国护照 
此栏目 - 仅 - 供德国籍公民预约申请新护照使用,- 不 - 适用于预约申请签证时间。 通过此栏目为与申请德国护照无关的事宜预约的时间将不被认可及被取消。
The website of the German missions abroad contains comprehensive information on how to apply for a German passport/ ID Card or birth registration.
Please carefully read these instructions and make sure you have all necessery documents before you make an appointment.


To book an appointment, please click "continue" below.


Visa appointment/ 签证预约

To apply for a visa to Germany and the Schengen States you are required to make an appointment.

For the submission of a declaration of commitment according to § 68 of the Residence Act, please make an appointment in the section "Certifications of Signatures / Declarations of Commitment", which is before the appointment for the visa application!  

Please note:

In order to further slow down the spread of the coronavirus in Germany and Europe in the long term and to break chains of infection, there are still entry restrictions for travellers residing in China.

Please check our website first to find out whether entry under the existing restrictions is possible in your case.

*** Professionals in the accelerated procedure please contact us by email at to make an appointment. ***

The online appointment system enables the Consulate General to provide an orderly and efficient service to its customers at all time. You can make an appointment at your convenience and access the visa section of the German Consulate General at the date without any undue delay. You are required to submit your complete application in person to the German Consulate General.

Before scheduling an appointment we recommend to carefully read the information on how to apply for a visa. You will find this information as well as the necessary application forms on the website of the German missions abroad (German & Chinese only).

Please note that due to high demand an appointment may not be available at the date of your convenience.
Unfortunately, waiting time for an appointment can be several weeks during high season (usually between May and October) and before holidays.
To start your travel on time please apply for a visa as early as possible.

Please click on "continue" to start your visa appointment. Kindly choose a visa category according to your purpose of travel.



根据《居留法》第68条提交承诺声明,请在签证申请预约前的 "签名和承诺声明的认证" 栏目中进行预约!





*** 适用于加快程序的专业人员请发送邮件至 进行预约 ***


请您在进行预约前仔细阅读德国驻沈阳总领事馆官网公布的申请签证的相关信息。总领事馆网址为:签证和入境 - 德国外交部 ( 



如需预约提交签证申请的时间,请点击 "continue"。请根据旅行目的选择签证种类。


Family Matters (e.g. Registration of a child's birth, Registration of a marriage)
You can find all the information on civil status and the required documents here.

In these cases, please contact us in advance by e-mail at and attach the necessary documents scanned in.
We will check the documents for completeness in advance and then give you permission to book an appointment.


Birth announcement and first passport:

Information on birth notification and the corresponding form for registering the birth, issuing birth certificates and, if applicable, determining a family name can be found here.

For birth notification, please return the birth notification application and all other documents as mentioned in the leaflet to the above email address
(please send as pdf files and under 4MB). After preliminary examination of the documents you will be contacted by us as soon as possible.

For the appointment we usually need all documents as originals.

Chinese documents must be presented legalized as part of the birth notification.
More information about the legalization process can be found here.

Information on passport application can be found here.

Marriage Registration:

Information on marriage registration and the related form for marriage registration, issuance of marriage certificates, and designation of a marriage name, if applicable, can be found here.


Notarization of signature and Declaration of commitment / 签名和承诺声明的认证
For operational reasons, only limited appointments for signature certifications are available in the period from 25.11.2022 to probably 20.01.2023.

Currently, you can book an appointment every Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 to 11:00 (every half hour).
Booking is possible maximum 1 week in advance.

The Consulate General Shenyang can only certify signatures on documents that are linked to the German jurisdiction.
Clients must have their habitual residence either in the province Liaoning, Jilin or Heilongjiang.

Should you reside in another province, please refer to the competent German mission.


德国驻沈阳总领事馆只对在德国法律范围内使用的证书/文件进行签名公证。此外,本馆只为常住地为辽宁、吉林和黑龙江的申请人进行签名公证! 如果您住在本馆辖区以外的地方,请联系负责您所在省市的德国驻华使领馆。

Please consult the information on our website first.


Each applicant needs to make an individual appointment.


It is temporarily not possible to record the host's declaration of commitment at the same time as applying for a visa. Please arrange an appointment for this purpose that is earlier than the appointment for the visa application. Further information under the keyword "Verpflichtungserklärung" here.

你可以在这里找到关于 "承诺宣言 "的进一步信息。