Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Skopje

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Visa for Family Reunion

Down below you can register for visa appointments at the German Embassy in Skopje. 

Please regsiter in the category that applies to your case:

-Appointments for visa for family reunion

-Lotterylist for visa according to the Western Balkans Regulation

-Appointments for other kinds of visa (ex.g. Opportunity Card, students, interns, etc.)

Applicants for a qualified employment or a EU Blue Card have to apply via the Consular Service Postal ( 


Please use the applicable category for you. Please be aware that booking an appointment in the false category may lead to being turned away at the embassy. Details concerning the special registration process regarding the Western Blakans Regulation can be found on our website. There you will also find the opening times of the lottery list. 


Take your time to fill out the registration. Pay particular attention to the correct spelling of your mail address. It cannot be changed after your registration. 


Please click "Continue" if you want to make an appointment for a visa for family reunion


Visa for other purposes

Here you can sign up for appointments for visas for other travel purposes. You can choose an available appointment slot yourself.

Applications for family reunion Western Balkans Regulation or for qualified employment postings cannot be taken in via this category. Please click a page back and use the respective separate registration possibilities. 

Signing up for an appointment is free of charge. The Embassy does not cooperate with any agency. Agencies do not receive special quotas of appointments. Please be aware of the risks of giving out your personal data to agencies.




Short-term employment within a quota (§15d BeschV)

You may sign up for an appointment according to §15d BeschV here. Please bear in mind that a preliminary consent of the locally responsible Federal Employment Agency is necessary in this category!

An obvious abuse of this appointment category may lead to rejection upon your visit to the Visa Section.