Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Sydney

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Consultation by phone

Please choose "Consultation by phone" if you require information in passport and visa matters.

We will call you back under the phone number provided in your booking. The booked timeframe is local time Sydney.


In case you need information in a general consular matter please check our website under

Please send us an e-mail via the contact form of the website if the information is not available for you.


Passport / Visa

Please refer to our website for information on how to apply for a German passport or a visa for entry into Germany. Please read the information provided very carefully before making an appointment. This includes information regarding which documents you are required to bring to the Consulate General on the day of your appointment. Please book separate appointments for every person! 


Consular Services

Please choose "Consular Services" if you require an appointment for consular service (except passports and visa) such as certifications, name declaration, registration of a birth, enquiries with regard to an inheritance, pension matters, citizenship matters etc.).

Please note that appointments for notarization of applications for a certificate of inheritance cannot be made via this appointment system.