Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Tel Aviv

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German passport / German ID Card (only for German citizens)

Here you can book an appointment to file an application for a German passport or ID card.


Registration of marriage, registration of birth, name declaration (only for German citizens)

Here you can book an appointment to file an application for registration of marriage, registration of birth and name declaration.

You must already have received a consultation (personal list of documents) and a booking code by e-mail from us. Otherwise please see our website first: .

(Appointments without a booking code will be cancelled automatically.)



Here you can only book appointments for a national visa (if you stay longer than 90 days in Germany, eg study visa, employment, working holiday, family reunification etc.)

Appointments for Schengen visa can not be booked anymore on this appointment system. You need to book an appointment for a Schengen visa on the internet page of the company VFS Global. You need to submit your Schengen visa application in the office of VFS Global.


If you want to book an appointment for a national visa please stay on this internetpage and click on "continue"!





Only for the receipt of a Certificate of Naturalization

Here you can only book an appointment if you were informed by email or letter that your Certificate of Naturalizaion can be picked up at the Embassy.

You will be able to apply for a German passport on the same day. You do not need to make an extra appointment for the application of a passport.

(If you wish to start a citizenship application, please write an E-Mail to


Certification of signatures/ certified copies/ consular certificates/ Certificate of good conduct

Here you can book an appointment for the certification of signatures, certified copies and for consular certificates.

Please note that the maximum amount of certifications per appointment is:

- 2 verifications of signature or

- 10 certified copies or

- 1 consular certificate

Please prepare simple copies if you wish to have your copies certified by the Embassy. Otherwise the certification will not be possible.


Only for interviews for citizenship according to § 14 German citizenship law

It is essential that you state your file number when booking an appointment. Please book an appointment only once all your documents have arrived to the Embassy and you have been asked to book an appointment.