Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Tokyo

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Appointment system for application for German passports. 

Please make sure to bring all the required documents as listed on our website.
If you can’t provide all the required documents we will not be able to proceed with your application.

Please consider that you need an appointment for each passport you want to apply for. If a member of your family also wishes to apply, you need to book an appointment for each person.


順番に効率的に来館者に対応するため、大使館では旅券および身分証明書発給手続に予約制を採用しています。来館者は都合にあわせて期日を予約することができるとともに、来館日時を確約することによって長時間お待ちいただく必要がありません。 旅券申請に関する詳細情報と旅券申請に必要な書類の一覧表を当館のウェブサイトに掲載しています。旅券ないしは身分証明書の発給申請の予約を申し込む前にここに掲載されている情報をよく読んでください。





Please check our website before booking an appointment.  Make sure you have all required documents ready before applying for your visa. 


ビザ申請のための予約システムです。 順番にしたがってロ−マ字で記入してください。 






Consular services

Authentication of signature for a

  • power of attorney
  • authorizations  
  • declaration of renouncement of succession   
  • application for a Police Clearance Certificate   
  • other declarations that require the authentication of a signature

Consular certificates:

  • Certification of photocopies (max. 4 sets per appointment)
  • Formal letter of financial support (Plese note that formal letters of financial support can no longer be certified for study purposes in Germany!)
  • German Pensions (Please note that the the Embassy cannot offer advisory services in pension matters!)
  • Consular Certificates, e.g.: VAT-return in Germany  /  Corps/Urn Tranport Permit / Certificate of border crossing  /   "life certificates"  /  other Consular Certificates   &  change of address / place of residence in a German passport

Family matters, German citizenship:

  • Family matters:
    registration of birth, marriage or death of a German citizen abroad in Germany  /   application for a certificate of no impediment to marriage (not declaration in lieu of an oath!)
  • Name declarations:
    name of a child  /   married name of spouses  /   addition of a name to the married name  /   name change after divorce
  • German citizenship:
    general citizenship information   /  application to determine German citizenship  /   application for naturalization  /   application to retain German Citizenship