Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Toronto

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German Passport/ID-card

If you require any of the following services, please book an appointment here:

- biometric passport
- children's passport
- identification card


Other consular services (not: passport, visa)

If you require any of the following services, please book an appointment here:

- birth registration, name declaration, registration of marriage
- application for naturalisation
- authentication of signature (z.B. Vollmacht, Genehmigungserklärung, Erbausschlagung)
- document pick-up (certificate to retain German citizenship)
- border crossing certificate

It is NOT possible to book visa and passport appointments under this category. Currently, no visa appointments can be booked. Please note: The visa section will remain closed to the public until the lifting of the entry restrictions intorudced on the recommendation of the EU commission of April 8, 2020, to further the curb COVID-19. The EU restrictions on non-essential travel from third countries were extended until June 15, 2020.



COVID-19: With effect from 2 July, 2020, Germany has lifted travel restrictions from travelers residing in Canada who are now permitted to enter Germany for any purpose of travel. Please take note that this decision is subject to a bi-weekly review based on the pandemic curve in the specific countries of origin on the exemption list.

Appointments may now be booked for national visas. Appointments for Schengen visas may be booked as from 14 July, 2020.

In addition, kindly note the following:

-          The visa issued does not in itself guarantee that entry to Germany will be granted.

-          Whether or not entry to Germany is granted will be decided by the competent German Federal Police (Bundespolizei).

-          As a general rule, it is only upon your arrival at a German airport/border that the Federal Police will decide if you are granted entry to Germany.

-          The German diplomatic and consular missions abroad cannot take any responsibility in this regard.

We therefore urgently recommend visiting the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei) homepage (“Corona Virus FAQ”) or calling the German Federal Police phone hotline in any case prior to your intended travel so as to obtain up-to-date information on whether you can expect being granted entry to Germany upon your arrival:

-          Federal Police homepage:

-          Federal Police phone hotline: +49 (0) 331 97997 0

As a general rule, persons who stayed in certain defined “risk regions” at any time during the 14-day period prior to their entering Germany are under an obligation to self-quarantine for 14 days. Please consult the website of the Robert-Koch-Institut to find out which regions/countries are currently being classified as risk regions (English version of the respective list to be found at the bottom of the page): (