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German Passport / ID

 IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to have your passport issued on a new name, or if the last name for a child has to be determined for the first time according to German regulations, please schedule an additional appointment in the category "Consular Services" -> "Family Matters".

Please find further information on the requirement of a name declaration, as well as the application form on our website:

Please pay any fees by credit card (Mastercard/Visa), not in cash.

Payment cards without the name of the card holder will not be accepted.



Consular services

General Consular Services 

Certification of photocopies

Authentication of signature

Consular Certificates


Family matters 

Name declarations

Registration of birth

Registration of marriage


Please note that for a full notarization (e.g. applications for a certificate of inheritance) you will have to contact the Consulate General in Toronto.