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Booking of appointments for short-term/Schengen visas (Biometrics already taken for a Schengen visa application during the last 59 months)

Dear applicant,


You are about to make an online appointment for applying for a Schengen visa (category C) at the German Embassy Islamabad.

You are only allowed to book an appointment in this category if your biometrics have been taken for a Schengen visa application during the last 59 months.

For this purpose you have to provide proof (e.g. previous Schengen visa or refusal letter).

If you fulfill this requirement, you do not have to come to the Embassy in person. Instead you can give power of attorney to a Third person for handing in your documents at the Embassy. The third person has to present the power of attorney signed by you to the visa section. IMPORTANT: The appointment has to be in the name of the applicant and not of the authorized person.

Should it for any reason not be possible to take the fingerprints from the previous application, the applicant has to come to the Embassy in person with his/her passport and the application documents so that his/her fingerprints can be taken. In exceptional cases a personal interview with the applicant might be required. In that case the applicant will be notified separately by the visa section.

Please make sure once again that you have selected the correct visa category. Appointments cannot be used to apply for a different category of visas.

You are not allowed to book or hold an appointment in the category “Booking of appointments for short-term/Schengen visas (Business, Visit, Tourism) & Airport Transit Visas” and this category at the same time. 

Each applicant needs a separate appointment. Group bookings are not possible.


You have to enter your correct PASSPORT NUMBER (consisting of 2 letters and 7 digits in a Pakistani passport). Otherwise, entry will not be granted.


Bookings with wrong data (e.g. incorrect passport number) will be deleted.


Please also double-check that you enter your correct email address in the booking process. You need the email-confirmation in case you want to cancel you booking. If you do not state your correct email address and do not receive a confirmation, the next booking will only be possible after waiting for two weeks.




Pakistani citizens have to obtain a visa before entering the so-called "Schengen states". Schengen visas are short-term visas for stays up to ninety (90) days within a period of one hundred eighty (180) days.


Please note that although visas issued by one of the Schengen member states are valid for all other Schengen states, you need to apply at the embassy or consulate of the country which is your main destination. The main destination is the country of your longest stay. If your main destination cannot be clearly determined, the country of your first entry to the Schengen states will be competent to handle your application.


Further information on Schengen and Airport Transit Visa applications can be found on our website under the following Link

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