Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Tel Aviv

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German passport / German ID Card (only for German citizens)

Welcome to the appointment system of the German Embassy in Tel Aviv.

You intend to book an appointment for an application for a German passport or ID.

  • With the following schedule you will be able to book an appointment of your choice.
  • Please enter all information in Latin letters.
  • Please enter your correct e-mail address since we will send a confirmation for your appointment by e-mail.
  • Please book one appointment per person and application.
  • Please arrange your appointment in a way you will be able to provide all necessary documents with your application (list of documents).

Please understand that appointments have to be booked with a few weeks' notice due to high demand. New appointments are made available every day approx. 8 weeks in advance. If there are currently no appointments available, please check here again in the next few days for a free time slot. Additional appointment also are made availabe on short notice due to cancellation of others. Please note that if several booked appointments with the same mail address and the same date of birth will be deleted without further notice.

Sincerely yours,

German Embassy Tel Aviv


Important for your first application or in case of any changes of name (e.g. after marriage):

If this is the first application for yourself or your child for a German passport or in case you want to have a different name in your new passport (e.g. after marriage) in many cases a name declaration will be necessary. In these cases, please send us the filled in questionnaire (pre-check) regarding names first, we will then be able to advise further.

This step is NOT necessary, if you or your child have/has a German certificate of naturalization "Einbürgerungsurkunde" (and there has not been any change of name afterwards), a German birth certificate or a German marriage certificate indicating a common name after marriage already or in case the child shall obtain the name of the single mother.

We recommend to book an appointment for an application for a passport / ID only after this step.

For general information regarding naming right issues, please see our website here:


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